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Delivery System
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  • Dental Equipment Dental Chair JPSM 70

  • Product Description
  • Options: 1. Built-in ultrasonics scaler

                   2. Built-in curing light 

                   3. Monitor

                   4.Assistant Stool S8502         

    Size:157*104*126cm     G.W: 296KG

  • Model : JPSM 70
  • Color

1.All the tubing is made in USA

2. Aluminum base and backcover make the chair more stable

3.With left hand and right hand delivery system

4.Softer cushion  make the patient more comfortable

5.Low position of the spittoon and the seat is more convenient for the chirdren

6.Full trandelenburg positon with a mechanical system.when the back rest  go back to the low postion,the patient’s head is lower than his/her feet

7.Sudden stopping security system for the backrest,the seatrest and the suctions arm

8.Security lock system for the handpiece

9.Stainless instrument tray

10.The backrest and the seatrest for the doctor is adjustable

11.Operation light adopt sensor with 3-joints.

Motor driving aluminum base dental equipment dental chair with memory                                                

Control panels on both dentist and assistant sides                                                                         

Aluminum removable armrests                                                                    

Operation Lamp with arm                                                                    

Highspeed handpiece hose (2pcs) and lowspeed handpiece hose  (1pcs)                                                                            

3-way Syringe(2pcs)                                                                                                               

Air Suction & Water Suction                                                                                     

Film Viewer                                                                                    

Timing up cup water supplier and spittoon clean system                                                                               

Clean Water System                                                                       

Deluxe ceramic trunable spitton                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Electric patient chair.             

Dentist Stool: S8501                      

Options:    1. Built-in ultrasonics scaler

                 2. Built-in curing light 

                 3. Monitor

                 4.Assistant Stool S8502                                                                                                                                                                                          

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