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  • Dental Equipment Italian Tri Digital Sensor

  • Product Description
  • Open-room operation,

    Small volume noise,

    Simple operation

    Safe,fast,and durable

    wall-mounted and desk top is optional

    Size: 27x21x8CM    G.W.: 1.2KG    N.W.: 1KG

  • Model : DS730
  • Color

This Panoramic X-ray Machine is quite effective in providing sharp and precise images at a quick time. It captures the total mouth including teeth, upper and lowe jaws, and surrounding tissues in one image.

1.Advanced improved technology: The sensor has been designed according to the oral cavity shape of patient, its rounded corner and smooth edges make patient comfortable and dentist easy to operate.

2.Without controller box: The embedded electronics design makes everything located in the sensor case, no need to find a place for the controller box, just need to plug the USB connector of the sensor in the computer, easy and convenient.

3.High resolution and quick imaging: The sensor operated in USB2.0 full speed mode, CMOS technology coupled with a theoretical resolution of 26.3lp/mm, the high resolution image will instantaneously appear on the computer screen after exposure.

4.Humanized management software: Select exposure program according to the teeth, has functions of magnifying the image to review, measuring the length, area, angle of the image and so on.

1. Open-room operation,

2. Small volume noise,

3. Simple operation

4. Safe,fast,and durable

5.wall-mounted and desk top is optional

   Size 1  Size 2
 External Dimension  36.73mm×24.35mm  42.80mm×30.49mm
 Technology  CMOS  CMOS
 Theoretical Resolution  26.3lp/mm  26.3lp/mm
 Real Resolution  > 20lp/mm  > 20lp/mm
 Pixel Size   19μm   19μm
 Grey Scale   4096 (12 bit)   4096 (12 bit) 
 Active Surface   30.02mm×19.95mm  36.00mm×25.99mm
 USB Cable Length   3 meters   3 meters 

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