Digital 3D OPG Panoramic X-Ray Dental CBCT Unit with Cephalometric

The extraoral CBCT equipment collects full oral data in one scan and reconstructs all aspects of high-resolution images as needed for accurate clinical diagnostics. The resulting 3D images and analytical data provide essential basis for dental filling, implant and orthodontics.


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Function Introduction:


Provide you with high diagnosis accuracy and better treatment on diseasesof the full dentiton and jaw.

Easy to get HD panoramic images by building a perfect tomographic track combined with the motion of the X, Y and Sita axis.

CT :

A versatile helper to clearly display patient's anatomical structure with flexible FOV.

lntelligent imaging technology makes free observation from angle realizable.

Accurate measurement of the distance, area,volume and outline contour makes the one-key panoramic image obtained from the 3D image simple and easy.



Othodontic specialist's best choice making orthodontic treatment and maxillofacial surgery efficient and accurate.

Low-dose radiation and high gray realized by dual-level alignment adjustment to provide you with HD cephalometic images.


Unique algorithms of HRPBR image reconstruction and WE image processing

Leading technology intelligently generating HD pano images to provide with more clinical details and high diagnosis accuracy

Intelligent de-noise algorithm significantly improving image's resolution b yreducing image's noise and distortion

Variety of shooting modes: HD scanning, SD scanning, root canal scanning 

Special-designed algorithm of mental artifact removal providing with high quality images by removing artifacts caused by absorbent materials

CUDA high-speed image reconstruction

High configuration and performance


High Quality Flat Panel Detector

Large surface and dynamic FPD ensure sensitivity and accuracy


Metal Artifact Removal

Effectively remove artifact caused by absorbent materials from the images with clearer details of human tissues displayed.



Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz, 10A

Anode Voltage(Kv): 60-90 KV

Anode Current(mA): 2-10mA

Grey: 14bit

Image Height (cm): 11cm

Voxel(mm): 0.1

Focal Spot(mm): 0.5mm

Exposure time(s): CT: 20s / Pano: 17s/ CE: 12s

Emission: Continuous / pulsed

Software: DCTViewer 

Weight (Kg): 281kg

Dimension(L*W*H)(mm): 1880* 1415*(1755-2485)mm 

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