CE Approved Integral Dental Unit Dental Chair JPSF600

JPSF600 Electric Dental chair

JPSF600 chair-mounted dental treatment equipment. The equipment is suitable for the treatment and operation of oral diseases in various medical institutions.

It is a full-computer control system treatment equipment designed by our company based on ergonomic principles, with complete functions. The whole machine runs, and the automatic actions are controlled by the microcomputer operation keys. The equipment consists of a multifunctional dental comprehensive treatment machine, an electric dental chair and a physician chair. 


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Standard Specification:

Doctor Operation(6 holders )

Four hole handpiece tube, equipped with high-speed handpiece 2 pcs

Electric motor low speed handpiece (including straight and contra angle handpiece) 1 set

3-way syringe (with cold and hot water) 1 pc

Built in scaler 1 pc (optional)

Built in curing light 1 pc (optional)

1 high temperature sterilizable silicone pad

Assistant tray (4 holders)

3-way syringe (with cold and hot water) 1 pc

High suction / low suction 1 set (central negative pressure optional)

Built in film viewer 1 pc

High temperature sterilizable silicone pad 1 pc


Imported LED oral lamp

Detachable ceramic spittoon

Built in central negative pressure suction system

Built in automatic pipeline disinfection and cleaning system

Automatic heating constant temperature water supply system

Full electronic control multi-function foot control

Distilled water supply system

Assistant stool 1 set

Doctor stool 1 set

Power Specification:


Power supply: ~ 220 V ± 10% 50 Hz

With two-way water filter pressure reducing valve, the water source pressure is 0.2MPa ~ 0.4MPa

With gas filter pressure reducing valve, gas source pressure 0.6MPa ~ 0.8MPa (no water and Oilfree)


1.Electric motor chair is controlled by solenoid valve, and designed to match with European and American standard, with higher stability and longer service life than pneumatic drive chair.

electromagnetic valve
Touch screen

2.Import tube disinfection system with good corrosion resistance, keep clean and sanitary

3.Anti-retraction function to avoid cross infection

4.Holders and the instrument tray form into one body, harmonious and generous

5.Instrument tray is rotatable to reduce patient's sense of tension

6.Double operation mode of touch button and display touch screen

7.Four memory positions

8.Bearings in the balance arm make the rotation more flexible and reduce working intensity of the doctor

9.Photosensitive valve is more stable than the mechanical valve, not easy to damage

10.Each holder can be set according to the habits and work nature of the doctor

11.Both touch screen and foot controller can adjust the speed of handpieces

12.Handpiece can be set to work automatically without controlled by foot switch, more convenient for doctors to operate

13.Foot controller can adjust handpiece to spray air or water like a 3-way syringe to save time and steps of replacement.

14.The function of interlock between instruments enables the assistant to change the bur when the doctor operates, greatly saves doctor's time

15.With alarm to free up more time for the doctor.

16.Temperature of mouthwash can be adjusted according to different regions

17.Elbow and arm fit perfectly with the chair, and the ergonomic design makes the patient experience more comfortable


18.Linkage function between chair and LED light. The light will be off automatically when rinse or use the curing light, and will be on automatically when finished

19.The headrest is double-jointed and telescopic, which can be adjusted according to the height of human body.  It has wheelchair position and child position


20.The backrest is cast aluminum, more suitable for operation to reduce the doctor's long working fatigue

21.The assistant tray, spittoon and sidebox is rotatable, more space for nurses to operate


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