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  • Panoramic X ray machine

  • Product Description
  • Exposure Time (s) Panoramic: 14      Cephalometric: 0.2-3.2

    Weight 220 Kg

    Power 1.3 KW

    Photographed Region Panoramic: 146×300 mm  Cephalometric: 180×240mm

    Grayscale 4096 (12 bit)  

    Exposure Factor 50-90 KV, 2-10mA

  • Model : Panoramic X ray machine
  • Color

This Panoramic X-ray Machine is quite effective in providing sharp and precise images at a quick time. It captures the total mouth including teeth, upper and lowe jaws, and surrounding tissues in one image.

Panoramic X ray machine

Open positioning and easy use
• Free view to the patient from all
• Three laser positioning laser beams
• Easy  access  also  for  wheelchair
• Motorized  patient  positioning  and
temple supports
• Dynamic  Exposure  Control  (DEC)
adapts  the  whole  imaging  chain
individually for each patient's physio-
anatomical characteristics to produce
the optimal contrast and density. Both
the X-ray source and the image
receptor are automatically adjusted to
produce the optimum image quality.
• Interactive, informative and intuitive colour TFT graphic user interface (GUI)
• Technical factors and selected programs digitally displayed
• Image preview
Optimised image geometry and constant magnification
• Optimised image geometry and constant magnification
• Adjustable form of focal trough
• Automatic compensation for the cervical vertebrae shadow
Full digital control
• Re-programmable flash EPROM
• Microprocessor controlled self-diagnostic control system with clear help guiding to correct use and
error messages announcing hardware or software problems
Constant potential, microprocessor controlled resonance mode generator
• Very high operating frequency 80 – 150 kHz
• Maximum ripple 670 Vpp (0.4%, 84 kV)
• Ultra short rise time, < 3 ms
• Very wide exposure parameters range, 1 – 16mA / 54 – 84 kV
• Low patient dose
• Universal power input including Power Factor Corrector, mains voltage fluctuations automatically
Reliable mechanical construction
• Small size and light weight, total weight 113 kg (249 lbs)

• Unique 2 joint SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) technology enables enables
movements and imaging geometries for the basic panoramic imaging, smooth and quiet micro-step
• Telescopic body column without counterweight. Maximum height adjustable.
• Automatic four blade primary collimator
• Available as wall-mounted or free standing

Panoramic X ray machine

Digital cephalostat
Same movable digital sensor for panoramics and cephalometry
Optionally two fixed digital sensors
Field height 24 - 27 cm (adjustable)‏
Field width 18 - 30 cm (adjustable)‏
Image field even the whole skull
Image size according to diagnostic need
Reduced radiation to patient

 Technical Specifications
Generator Constant potential, microprocessor controlled, resonance mode,
operating frequency 80 -150 kHz, Power Factor Corrector, complies
with the standard IEC 60601-2-7
X-ray tube Toshiba D-054SB
Focal spot size 0.5×0.5mm, according to IEC 60336
Total filtration min. 2.5 mm Al eq
Anode voltage Panoramics 54 – 84 kV
Cephalometry 60 – 84 kV
Anode current Panoramics 1 – 16 mA
Cephalometry 1 – 16 mA
Exposure time Panoramics 2.5 -16 s
Cephalometry 6 – 18.7s
SID Panoramics and Tomography 500 mm (20”)
Cephalometry 1700 mm (67”)
Focus to skin distance  Panoramics min. 150 mm
Cephalometry 1500 mm
Magnification Panoramics constant 1.2
Cephalometry 1.13
Line voltage 100 - 240 V~ ±10 %, 50 or 60 Hz
Power Factor Corrector
Line current  8 - 15 A
Electrical classification Class I, type B
Weight 119 kg (249 lbs)
137 kg (282 lbs) with Cephalostat
Chin rest level 96 – 178 cm
Cephalostat ear post level  97 – 179 cm

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