Electric or Hydraulic Dental Chairs High Quality Dental Chair Excellent JPSM70

JPSM70 is a middle and high-level dental chair. It focuses on creating flexible and practical work environment exclusively. Through Three-dimensional Dynamic Simulation Of The Design, Effective integration of human engineering theory, design more user-friendly.

Perfect linkage compensation design. to enable patients to the treatment of time in a comfortable environment.

Exhaustive details of the deal, the perfect embodiment of the patient’s care physicians.


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Dental chair

working scope:used in clinic,treating,surgery by the dentist


Basic package includes:Main unit, Electric motor patient chair and dentist stool
I.Main Unit:
Motor driving aluminum base dental chair with memory
Control panels on both dentist and assistant sides
Aluminum removable armrests
Operation Lamp with arm
High speed handpiece hose (2pcs) and low speed handpiece hose (1pcs) 3-way Syringe (2pcs)
Air Suction & Water Suction
Film Viewer
Timing up cup water supplier and spittoon clean system
Clean Water System
Deluxe ceramic rotatable spittoon
II.Electric patient chair.
III.Dentist Stool: S8501
IV. Options: 1. Built-in ultrasonic scaler 2. Built-in curing light 3. Monitor 4.Assistant Stool S8502


1. All tubes are made in USA

2. Aluminum base and backrest make the chair more stable

3. With left hand and right hand delivery system

4. Softer cushion make the patient more comfortable

5. Low position of the spittoon and the seat is more convenient for the children

6.Full trandelenburg position with a mechanical system.when the back rest  go back to the low position,the patient’s head is lower than his/her feet

7.Sudden stopping security system for the backrest,the chair and the suctions arm

8.Security lock system for the handpiece

9.Stainless instrument tray

10.The backrest and the chair for the doctor is adjustable

11. Operation light adopt sensor with 3-joints. 


Ergonomic design fits the humanized patient chair more comfortably

The size of the seat cushion and backrest cushion is wide (the backrest is 62cm wide; Seat cushion 56cm wide), suitable for different build people .

The perfect linkage compensation design keeps the patient in a comfortable treatment environment at all times.

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1 (3)

Equipped with machine-chair interlocking device, with safety protection device on the backrest and chair body, making operation safer. Machine and chair interlock: The chair is locked during the operation of the handpiece.

Each handpiece uses an air-controlled water valve independently. Compared with sharing a water valve, the service life is longer, and it will buy time for maintenance personnel.

The water pipe imported from the United States is used. Acid and alkali resistance. Low temperature resistance. Good resilience with long life.

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1 (1)

Reflective LED sensor light is used. The patient is not dazzling and can better cooperate with the treatment. The three-axis rotation makes it easier for doctors to operate and illuminate the jaw position. With sensor and manual brightness adjustment. The handle is removable to prevent cross infection.

The easily removable ceramic spittoon is easy for doctors to clean and disinfect. The relatively ultra-low spitting position, which can be rotated 180 degrees, is convenient for the elderly and children to spit.

1 (3)
1 (1)

The base, backrest and floor box are made of aluminum alloy casting and high-temperature baking paint, which makes the dental chair look stable and generous. The ground box can be separated and connected.

American-style exquisite and practical hanging. The treatment table is separated from the instrument tray to better prevent splashing of the medicine. And the instrument tray has double joints that rotate 360 degrees, which is more suitable for doctors of different body types.

1 (2)

This can be made to an electric drive system or a hydraulic drive system.

The instrument position can be rotated by left and right hands as required

Construct of the unit:

The unit is made of dental chair and delivery system. chair is made of driving system,control system,seatrest,backrest and headrest; system is made of cuspidor and the box,treating tray, handpiece,dental light,the arm of the tray,the are of the light, handpiece control and suction system.
3.treating tray is made of syringe,viewer, handpiece tubings and adaptor,valves and plastic covers; light is made of switch,bulb,reflector,cover and frame;
5.foot control is made of valves,covers and tubings;
6.suction system is made of suction and saliva ejectors,tubings ,suction and saliva heads

Capability and characteristic: chair
1.1 bearing capacity of the chair≥135kg;
1.2 maximal high of the seatrest: 810MM,minimal high of the seatrest:380MM.
1.3 angel of the backrest:-5~67°;
1.4 motor driving;
1.5 aluminum base and back;
1.5 computer control ,with reset,LP,and 2 memory postion; system
2.1 standard configuration of the system
2.1.1 down hung handpiece operating system,with 3 pcs standard 4 holes adaptor;
2.1.2 with bottle water system;
2.1.3 heater system;
2.1.4 viewer;
2.1.5 2 pcs syringes
2.1.6 suction system

1.If the unit has problem,turn off the electronic power and the switches of water and air first,and ask the technican tor repair..the electronic power and the switches of water and air have to be off when it is off duty.
2.The motors shouldn’t be run high frequency.
3.flush the fliter for the water
The filter has to be cleaned per month,remove the core of the fliter ,clean it with ultrasonic cleaner or flush it with scour.
4.Flusth the suction and saliva ejector
After using the suction and saliva ejector each time,you should flush them with water for avoiding the jam.if the saliva ejector is with filter,please remove the filter for flush after using.
5 .cuspidor
After using the unit each time,please flush the cuspidor ,before be off duty,please flush the cuspidor too,flush the filter for avoiding jam.
6.Dental light
When you don’t work,don’t trun on the light for protecting the life of the bulb.
Don’t touch the reflector and the bulb with hand.if there is ash on them,please clean it with syringe.
If the intensity of the light is weaker,remove the cover of the light,then clean the surface of the reflector with thealcohol,it will be better..
7.Master on/off for air and water
When you don’t work,the master on/off should be off for protecting the tubings of the units.

Additional Maintenance Notes:

A)Electronic wires must be standard and grounded.
B)Inputting air pressure must be 5.5 to 8 kg/cm2. Inputting water pressure must be 2 to 4 kg/cm2.
C)The instruments to be placed on the treating tray cannot be too heavy.
D)The air pressure of the unit is set by the manufacturer. Do not attempt to adjust the air pressure. Allow for professional adjustment if necessary.
E)The preset stationary position of the dental chair is locked once installed. Do not adjust and allow for professional adjustment.

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