The dental workstation is one of the equipment for making dentures in the dentistry department. Combining with the principle of ergonomics, it introduces new type of technical equipment developed by European and American frame structure technology. About the functions of equipment, the designer fully considered the actual needs of the technicians under various operating conditions. The vacuum baffle, the hand rest, the power socket and the gas blowtorch outlet make the operation of the technician more convenient and comfortable. The vacuum-type workstation can effectively remove dust and improve the operating environment of the laboratory. The dental workbench’s hand guide layer board structure has a locking device, so that the hand guard layer board will not move, and the stability of the operator's hands is also stronger. In addition, a retractable pen air gun is added, and a variety of optional turnover boxes are designed, and drawers with lock storage with different layers are designed.

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The solid frame of the work table is firm and stable, and has large bearing capacity; A variety of desktop options, can be used with different requirements.

JPS has been engaged in the dental industry for nearly 10 years, and the workstation is also one of our main products. Our workbench is capable of independent research and development, shape design, structure design, mold manufacturing and subsequent deep processing, assembly testing, and the delivery of the whole machine. And the workbench can also be developed and customized related products for customers. All products with power supply have passed CE certification and are your ideal supplier and partner. From production to delivery, JPS controls the product quality throughout the entire process, so that users can feel at ease when receiving the goods. Many users at home and abroad have used our workstation, and provide us very good response.

 In the future, we will combine reality and continue to innovate, so that our workstation keeps up with the pace of the times and meets the needs of more users.


Post time: Jul-16-2021