Superior Deluxe High Quality Dental Chair Dental Unit FDC 39HC

FDC series dental unit is high-grade types that satisfy your pursuit of top quality.

The hydraulic transmission guarantees a smooth and powerful force; it also shows the flexible characteristic of fluid dynamics.

The modern aesthetic appearance of FDC series shows off the high standards of quality component selection and the precision manufacturing materials.


Product Tags


1.Quiet and smooth two way with super soft medical ultra leather hydraulic patient chair 

2.Articulating dual axis headrest

3.4 operator programmable position

4.Swing down armrest

5.LCD screen display aluminum casting base instrument tray with touch pad 

6.3 handpiece automatic control & 2pcs three way syringe

7.Three axis led operating light with sensor

8.Electric controlled timed bowl rinse and cup filler

9.Swing arm ceramic bowl with touch button water activator

10.Sidebox with self-contained water system

 11.Telescoping assistant arm with touch pad

12.Autoclavable standard HVE leaver valve with tubing 

13.Autoclavable saliva ejector leaver valve with tubing 

14.Asepsis three-way air/water syringe with tubing

15.Memory setting function foot control

16.Deluxe Dentist stool


1. Cast aluminum with steel reinforcement

2. LCD screens displays air/water pressures, water temperature,self contained clean water system / city water option. Along with date, time, and alarm setting 

3. Synchronized back&seat movement

4. Safety emergency stop control device

5. Trendelenburg position   

6. 30° left to right seat rotation

7. System anti-retraction valves to prevent cross contamination  

8. Load capacity 250Kg  

Product Details


The leather of the chair cushion is made of USA imported medical materials, composed of ABS lining board + sponge material + imported medical artificial leather.

Spittoon flushing and mouthwash cup water injection mode using 12V solenoid valve control, flow control accuracy.

Intelligent memory set control, arbitrary adjustment of water cup and spittoon flush way and time.


The instrument tray is connected with the lifting arm with a pneumatic self-locking position device.

The shell is die-cast by aluminum alloy, and the horizontal alignment of the instrument tray can be adjusted arbitrarily. Equipped with LCD electronic screen, display information including water/air pressure, water temperature, cooling water conversion and working time, etc.

3-axis LED light with sensor.

LED direct-injection dental lamp with universal rotating joint adjustment, switch with sensor and

induction light intensity adjustment.


Memory setting function foot control 

Deluxe dentist stool

Rotary shift hand support pillow.

Stainless steel foot rings.

Aluminum die-casting five - star foot support frame.

The seat cushion and backrest cushion are sewn with ultra-leather imported from USA.

dentist stool

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