High quality Dental Teaching Simulator for dental training practice JPS-FT-III

JPS FT-III dental teaching simulation system is designed and developed specially for dental teaching by JPS Dental.

It ultimately imitates the actual clinical operation so that dental students and medical staff can develop correct operation postures and manipulation before clinical operation and make the smooth transition to real clinical treatment.

The dental teaching simulation fits for dental university and dental training center.


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Dental Simulator Structure Diagram

Designed for the simulation of clinical education

Designed for the simulation of clinical education, help students develop the right operating posture in the pre-clinical study, master ergonomic skills and then smoothly transition to real clinical treatment.

With JPS FT-III dental teaching simulation system, students learn right from the start, under more realistic conditions:

•In a pre-clinical environment, students learn using standard treatment centre components and do not have to adjust to new equipment later in their education
•Optimum treatment ergonomics with height-adjustable dentist and assistant elements
•Best protection of student health, with integrated, continuous and intensive disinfection of internal water-lines
•New design: dual instrument tray, makes four-hand operation come true .
•Operation light: the brightness is adjustable.

With different type teeth mode

Manikin comes with magnetic articulator , it is compatible with different type teeth model

Dental Simulator Structure Diagram
Dental Simulator Structure Diagram

Imitate real clinical environment.

Electric motors drive the movement of the manikin----imitate real clinical environment.

Easy to clean

Auto reset function of manikin system- provide the cleanliness and utilization of space Artificial marble top is easy to clean

Dental Simulator Structure Diagram
Dental Simulator Structure Diagram

Two preset position keys

Two preset position keys : S1 , S2

Automatic reset key : S0

Can be set highest and lowest position

With emergency stop function

Hommization Suction water bottle

Suction water bottle is designed to be removed and installed very easily ,improve study efficiency a lot.

Dental Simulator Structure Diagram

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  • Product configuration


    Product name




    LED light

    1 set



    Phantom with body

    1 set



    3-way syringe

    1 pc



    4/2 hole handpiece tube

    2 pcs



    Salivar ejector

    1 set



    Foot control

    1 set



    Clean water system

    1 set



    Waste water system

    1 set



    Monitor and monitor bracket



    Working Conditions

    1. Ambient temperature: 5°C ~ 40°C

    2. Relative humidity: ≤ 80%

    3. Pressure of external water source: 0.2~ 0.4Mpa

    4. Pressure of external pressure of air source: 0.6~ 0.8Mpa

    5. Voltage: 220V + 22V ; 50 + 1HZ

    6. Power: 200W

    Dental Teaching Simulator

    1. Unique design, compact structure, space saving, free movement, easy to put. Product size: 1250(L) *1200(W) *1800(H) (mm)

    2. Phantom is electric motor controlled: from -5 to 90 degrees. The highest position is 810mm, and the lowest is 350mm.

    3. ONE TOUCH reset function and two preset position function for phantom.

    4. Instrument tray and assistant tray are rotatable and foldable.

    5. Water purification system with water bottle 600mL.

    6. Waste water system with 1,100mL waste water bottle and magnetic drainage bottle is convenient for quick dismount.

    7. Both high and low speed handpiece tubes are designed for 4 hole or 2hole handpiece.

    8. Marble table top is solid and easy to clean. Table size is 530( L )* 480 (W) (mm)

    9. Four self-locking function caster wheels at the bottom of the box are smooth to move and keep stable.

    10. Independent clean water and waste water system is easy to use. No need for extra piping installation which reduces cost.

    11. External air source quick connector is convenient to use.

    Monitors and microscopes and workstations are optional

    Dental simulator with monitor and workstation

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