• Portable Dental Scaler Ultrasonic Scaler P9

    Portable Dental Scaler Ultrasonic Scaler P9


    This product is a portable dental unit for oral professionals. The case is made of unbreakable plastic with a handle at the top and two wheels on the bottom to make it easy for the professionals to carry.  4 or 6 holders can be selected according to the demand, and can be equipped with scaler, light curing, handpieces and other devices.  The internal sewage bottle system can collect the waste water and saliva during oral treatment.  Another large capacity water bottle system to supply clean water for the instruments.  This portable dental unit will bring more convenience and high efficiency to the oral treatment.

  • Portable Dental Scaler Ultrasonic Scaler P7

    Portable Dental Scaler Ultrasonic Scaler P7


    This Electric Sonic Tooth Stain Eraser scaler with two cleaning tips is used for erasing Stain and plaque on teeth.
    Daily used to keep your teeth cleaning and whitening.
    Up to 30,000 times per minute Sonic cleaning enables to erase cleaning or food insulation on the teeth effectively.
    The LED light helps to illuminate The whole oral cavity and enabling you to clean your teeth precisely.
    Gentle vibration helps clean teeth at ease, Specially great for family use to protect gum and teeth. Two different types of grinding tips for different teeth cleaning requirement.

  • Built-in Ultrasonic Scaler IO2/IO3

    Built-in Ultrasonic Scaler IO2/IO3


    Compatible with EMS handpiece, tip and cable

    Automatic Frequency Tracking

    Function: Scaling & Perio

    Handpiece: Detachable handpiece

    Five tips atttached

    Option IO2: with light