Small Equipment

  • AM100 Alginate Mixer

    AM100 Alginate Mixer


    Voltage: 220V-240V/50HZ-60HZ        


    Revolution:3000r.p.m/50HZ; 3000r.p.m/60HZ

    Scope of timing:4-16s

    Mode of Memory:5 kinds

    Automatic computer control & Numeral display

  • Noiseless Amalgamator JPS-200

    Noiseless Amalgamator JPS-200


    This amalgamator is used to mix silver with mercury in capsule, and makes alloy in best manner. So the quality of teeth recovering level is elevated .It is used instead of the former manual method, not only takes easy but also decreases the mercury pollution in dentist room. So it’s health for the human body.

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