Sealing Machine

  • JPSE-02 Sealing machine

    JPSE-02 Sealing machine


    The product is used long life heater, temperature adjustable, ultra high temperature automatic protection, such as design, has quick speed, stable performance, good appearance, the use of safe, easy to operate, and low repair rate, at the same time, the machine is a preheating, continuous use, avoid the damage caused by frequent use of heater, waiting time and reduce the seal, favored by the majority of hospital clinic.

  • JPSE -03T Touch Screen Sealing machine

    JPSE -03T Touch Screen Sealing machine


    Seal speed: 10±0.5m/min      Power: 500W

    Seal width: 12mm                  Weight: 18kg

    Seal margin: 0-35mm            Temperature range: 60-220℃

    Temperature error ≤1%          Dimension: 560 x260x 220mm

    AC Power According to customer requirements