High Quality Portable Dental Unit JPS130D Deluxe Portable Unit


This product is a portable dental unit for dentists.The case is made of unbreakable plastic with a handle at the top and two wheels on the bottom to make it easy for the professionals to carry.  The internal sewage bottle system can collect the waste water and saliva during oral treatment.  Another large capacity water bottle system to supply clean water for the instruments.  The equipment introduces the atmosphere and brings the patient a textural experience.  4 or 6 holders can be selected according to the demand, and can be equipped with scaler, light curing, handpieces and other devices. 


Product Tags


3-way Syringe

Saliva Ejector

4 hole or 2 hole high and low speed handpiece tubes

Self Contained Water Bottle System

Foot Control

Air Venturi Vacuum System

Curing Light

Built-in Scaler


Appearance patented

APS material to make the suitcase very stable

Built-In oil-free air compressor to supply pure air

Easy to add or reduce functions

Application: Dental Hospital, Dental Clinics, Army and Outdoor

Dental Care or Treatment Establishment


High speed or low speed handpiece

Portable dental chair with/without operation light

Portable dentist stool

Built-in curing light

Built-in scaler

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